Local Incentives Available

Tax Increment Financing

BRTA has a wide variety of incentive programs to fit the needs of property owners who want to reinvest in their property and developers that are interested in renovating or building new projects in the Downtown Redevelopment District. We use funds derived from two Tax Increment Finance (TIF) Districts within the Downtown Redevelopment District. These incentives include:

  • Facade Improvement Program (TIF 1)
  • Environmental Remediation and Code Compliance Program (TIF 1 / TIF 2)
  • Design and Compliance Services Program (TIF 1 / TIF 2)
  • Blight Removal and Remediation Program (TIF 1 / TIF 2)
  • Public Infrastructure Improvement Program (TIF 1 / TIF 2)
  • Infill Housing Program (TIF 2)

BRTA also has the ability to customize incentives for the needs of each property owner or developer looking to invest a significant amount in the redevelopment of land or buildings in the Downtown Redevelopment District through the Development Financing Assistance Program. The incentive will be commensurate with the project's benefits to the community and may be used as fee waivers, loans, forgivable loans, or outright grants and used for infrastructure improvements, land, site preparation, building construction/renovation, or any combination thereof.

Please contact the BRTA to discuss which program is right for your project. Applications for all the programs are available in the BRTA Office.

Projects shall be in compliance with the Downtown Design Review Guidelines and an application must be completed alongside a BRTA Incentive Application.

You may refer to our Incentives FAQ to learn more as well.

Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy (C-PACE)

Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy (C-PACE) is a financing mechanism designed to encourage energy and water efficiency improvements, renewable energy systems, and building resiliency projects for commercial properties. As a voluntary, open-market financing model, C-PACE allows commercial property owners to secure private low-interest, long-term loans for eligible permanently affixed energy source or energy-efficiency, water conservation, or resiliency improvements whereby the loan is placed on the property in the county land records as a special assessment. The financing is repaid annually by the property owner over the useful life of the improvements. As a property special assessment, the financing arrangement then remains with the property even if it is sold, facilitating long-term investments in building performance. The longer-term payback allows the efficiency improvements to pay for themselves over time.

In Oklahoma, C-PACE financing may be made available for commercial building improvements which include HVAC upgrades, boilers, chillers and furnaces, automated building controls, high efficiency lighting, building envelopes (insulation, windows, etc.), low-flow fixtures, solar, geothermal, electric vehicle charging stations, and other energy source, energy-efficiency, water conservation, and resiliency improvement projects.

Washington County recently enabled Oklahoma C-PACE in March 2023. C-PACE is administered by INCOG.  For more information click here: Oklahoma C-PACE.

Federal and State Incentives Available

Bartlesville is fortunate to have many financial and tax incentives available for any project. Every project is different, and every project has different financing requirements.  Incentives available include, but are not limited to:

  • Historic Income Tax Credits (20% Federal/20% State)
  • New Markets Tax Credits (39% Federal)
  • Opportunity Zones
  • 179D Energy Efficiency Tax Deduction
  • Low Income Housing Tax Credit (credits to build affordable housing)
  • Hope VI Main Street Grant ($500,000 for affordable housing)

Federal and State Incentives exist to help projects fill gaps in financing the projects.  We highly encourage developers to seek the use of the incentives available, especially for larger projects over $1,000,000, but there are several incentives that can be taken by those spending less.  There are several incentives that can be taken advantage of within our Downtown Redevelopment District and BRTA will assist in any way we can.

A list is available here.

Employer and Employee Based Incentives

For incentives involving employers and employees relocating to Bartlesville or recruitment of big box or chain retail, please contact the Bartlesville Development Authority


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